CARrot Soup


First Agro’s ZERO PESTICIDE Produce, direct from the farm. So fresh, crisp and tender, cooks in no time…. What better to cook than a simple easy healthy soup!! 


4 nos –  Carrots (Yutika Carrots from First Agro)

1 no – Onion , medium sized, julienned 

4 to 5 nos – Garlic cloves

1 tbsp – Red chilly flakes

1 tbsp – Olive oil

1 no – Bay leaf

Salt to taste

1 tbsp – Yogurt

1 tsp – Chopped Garlic Chives (I have used garlic chives from First Agro)



In a deep pan, heat oil. Add bay leaf and garlic to it. Let the garlic turn golden. Add julienned onions and saute till it starts browning. Add peeled and chopped carrots to this.


Season it with salt. Add chopped garlic chives. Cover it and let the carrots sweat. Once the carrots have softened increase the flame to high and let the carrots caramalise.   

Take it off the flame and let the mixture cool a little.  

Once the mixture is cooled, discard the bay leaf and blend it in the mixer to a smooth paste adding as much water as you need, depending on the consistency of the soup you like.  

Pour the soup into the serving bowl. Pour yogurt on top and using a skewer make swirls and garnish with Garlic chives.     



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