TOMato Juice


I usually do not write anything along with my recipes. But this means so much to me. Its a simple tomato juice.   

This juice means summer to me. My mum used to get us lunch to the school, sit with us till we finished. She would get this juice in a bottle for me and my brother. I would have some with my lunch and save some for the break. This juice brings back that memory of my mom getting lunch for us, being loved, being pampered.  

During summer holidays, she would make this juice and give it to us in large steel glasses. I would love the froth on top. I till date love the sound that the glass makes when kept on the floor or table. Like that dob dob sound 😁 kiddish eh??    


I am feeling silly to even write the recipe for this…😁

2 nos – Tomatoes 

2 tbsp – Sugar

1/2 cup – Crushed ice

1 glass – Water  


Just blend everything well in a blender. Strain it and enjoy … You could add a couple of mint leaves to it, but I don’t like changing anything with my mum’s recipe.   

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