Doddapatre Tambulli – Big thyme – Carrum


Doddapatre or Big thyme, is known to have a lot of medicinal values. It has a very distinct smell and flavour to it, which resembles camphor. It is known to improve digestion, relieve chest congestion, helps during cold and cough when eaten. It reduces skin related issues when it is crushed and the juice is applied on the affected area.

Doddapatre is also known as Ajwain leaves in Hindi, Karpooravalli in Tamil, Owa in Marathi and Pani Koorka in Malayalam. Just plant a stem and it will grown well by itself. 

TAMBULLI, is usually had with hot rice and ghee as the first course during lunch or dinner as it acts as an appetiser. 



4 cups (1 big handful) – doddapatre (just the leaves), cleaned and washed.

1 tbsp – Jeera/ cummin seeds

1 tsp – Black pepper

1/4 cup – Grated coconut (dry coconut or dessecated coconut)

1/2 cup – Yogurt

Salt to taste

2 tbsps – Ghee



Heat a tbsp of ghee in a kadhai. Wipe the leaves and ssute the leaves in ghee till it sweats and all the water evaporates. The leaves will change colour and reduce to half. 

Remove it and transfer it to a mixer jar. In the same kadhai, dry roast jeera and black pepper till the jeera turns dark in colour. Transfer this also into the mixer.


Add coconut and salt and grind it using half the yogurt into a smooth paste.


Transfer it into the serving bowl, mix the remain yogurt and top it up with ghee tempered jeera. 
You can also make Bhajiyas/pakodas/fritters with these leaves.  

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