AAMras – Seekarne



3 nos – Ripe Raspuri Mango (any juicy and soft flesh variety)

4 tbsps – Jaggery, or sweetness to taste

1/4 cup – Milk

1 pinch – Cardamom Powder

1 pinch of Saffron (optional)

1 tbsp – Pistachios or almonds (dry fruits are optional)



Peel the mangoes. Squeeze the mango and extract all the flesh. Dip the seeds in the milk and squeeze out any bit of the fruit that you can.   

Once that is done, mash the mangoes into a smooth pulp using hands. Do not blend it into a puree. Mash it as much as possible just with hands. There should be bits and fiber when you have it.   

Add jaggery, elaichi and mash till the jaggery is well mixed without any pieces remaining. Add the milk to and mix well. Refrigerate for couple of hours.  

Serve it with Poori, Akki rotti (rice flatbread), obattu (stuffed sweet roti) or have it as a dessert all by itself.   

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