KIRu Nallikaayi Uppin Kaayi – Indian Gooseberry Pickle 




4 cups – Indian gooseberries, washed and airdried

3 fistful – Rock salt

3 fistful- Byadgi chilli, not too spicy but gives out good colour

For tempering

2 tbsp – Filtered oil

1 tbsp – Mustard seeds

1 tsp – Asafoetida     


Segregate the good gooseberries from the bad ones. Wash them well and let it air dry overnight. 


In the morning, in a clean and completely dry bottle layer the gooseberries and salt one adter the other. Cover the bottle and place it for a day in the sun. 

The gooseberries will sweat and leave a lot of water. Use this water and to grind the chillies in a blender. Blend it till it is a smooth paste.   

Mix this chilly paste to the gooseberries. Use only dry and clean wooden spoon. Cover the bottle and let it sit on the platform for a week. Keep shuffling the gooseberries everyday to avoid it from spoiling.  

For tempering

Heat oil in a saucepan. Add mustard seeds and let it crackle. Add hing and let it bubble up. Add this to the pickle and place it in the refrigerator.     

Serve with curd rice and it will be bliss. 


*Never use wet gooseberries,wet bottle or wet spoon. Any bit of water will spoil the pickle.

*Taste the gooseberries beforehand. Depending on how tangy the berries are, adjust the salt and chilly accordingly. Start with less salt. Add more while adding chilly paste.

*If the pickle gets thick and you like more of the liquid, then add some boiled and cooled water.

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