BLUeberry Strawberry Popsicle

This is one of the yummiest, richest, creamiest Popsicle i have ever had.    


1/2 cup – Strawberries 

1/4 cup – Blueberries 

2 cups – Hung curd

1/2 cup – SugarMethod

In a blender blend 2 tbsp of sugar and strawberries into a smooth purée and set aside.

In the same jar add another 2 tbsp of sugar and blueberries and blend it into a purée. Set it aside. Do not add water while blending the berries.    

Now blend the remaining sugar and hung curd till it is smooth.  


Layer the strawberry purée , blueberry purée  and yogurt mixture. Because the purées are so dense, they will not mix with each other. Once layered, insert a skewer and make swirls, lightly. Insert the sticks and freeze them overnight.  

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