LYChee Mint Cooler

      Ingredients  1 cup – Lychee, deseeded 1/4 cup – Sugar 2 glasses – Water 1/2 cup – Crushed ice 4 nos – Mint leaves Few lychees deseeded and few mint leaves.   Method In a blender blend together the lychees, mint leaves, sugar, crushed ice and water well. Strain it.   To serve take some deseeded … More LYChee Mint Cooler

TOMato Juice

    I usually do not write anything along with my recipes. But this means so much to me. Its a simple tomato juice.    This juice means summer to me. My mum used to get us lunch to the school, sit with us till we finished. She would get this juice in a bottle for me … More TOMato Juice

BASil Panacotta 

      Ingredients  1 cup – Fresh cream ( i used Amul) 3/4 cup – Milk, whole milk preferably 1/4 cup sugar 1/2 tbsp – Gelatin powder 1 tbsp – Ice cold water 1/2 cup – Basil leaves For the topping 1/2 cup – Fresh strawberries 6 or 7 nos – Basil leaves      Method … More BASil Panacotta 

BEEtroot Halwa

       Ingredients  1 cup – Semolina (upma rava) 3/4 cup – Sugar 2 cups – Water 1/2 cup – Grated beetroot 1/4 cup – Ghee/clarified butter 2 nos – Elaichi/cardamom  1 tbsp – Almonds & Pistachio slices   Method In a saucepan boil sugar and water together to make a syrup. Add crushed elaichis to this. … More BEEtroot Halwa