CHOcolate Pomegranate Panacotta




1 cup – Fresh cream ( i have used Amul)

1/2cup  – Milk, whole milk preferably

1/4 cup – White chocolate, chopped

1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tbsp – Gelatin powder

1 tbsp – Ice cold water

For the Pomegranate jelly

1 cup – Juice of pomegranate 

Sugar as per taste, depending on the sweetness of the juice.

1/2 tsp – Gelatin

1 tbsp – Cold water





For the Panacotta 

In 1tbsp cold water sprinkle the gelatin powder and let it sit and bloom for 5 mins.


Keep the saucepan with milk on a low flame. Add cream and heat it stirring occasionally, so that the cream doesnt stick to the bottom. Add chopped white chocolate, stir to dissolve.Let it not boil.
Add sugar and gelatin and stir. Keep the flame still low. Heat the milk till the sugar and gelatin dissolves. If you rub the milk innetween your fingers, you shouldnt feel the gelatin or sugar grains.
Once the sugar and gelatin is dissolved, strain the mixture into a pouring jug. Divide the liquid into the glasses the way you desire (equally or unequally)

Leave it out on a platform for half an hour and then place it in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours.


For the syrup

Sprinkle gelatin over cold water and let it bloom for 5 minutes.

Boil pomegranate juice and sugar in the sugar melts.Boil further for couple more minutes. Do not let it turn syrupy. Add the bloomed gelatin and let it dissolve on a low flame. Seive it into a pouring jug. Let it cool.

Pour this cooled juice on the set panacotta. Refrigerate overnight.



Serve with generous topping of chopped white chocolate and pomegranate seeds.


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