1 loaf – No knead bread
1 cup – Cherry tomatoes
Handful – Basil leaves
1/2 cup – Hung curd
2 cloves – Garlic
Salt to taste
1 tsp – Fresh crushed black pepper
2 tbsp – Extra virgin Olive oil


A basic bruschetta is a toasted bread slice, drenched in olive oil, garlic pod rubbed over it, topped with tomatoes and basil. It is that simple, rustic but tastes heavenly… Trust me heavenly… But there can be lot of variations to this dish. This is one of them.

Crush the garlic pods and mix it with hung curd. Chop some basil leaves, salt and mix it too.

Slice the tomatoes into half. Keep half the amount aside and for the others, heat a tawa and lay the flat side of the cut tomatoes on the tawa. Drizzle olive oil over it and let the tomatoes roast. Let it brown well.

Slice 1/2 in thick slices of the bread and toast it. Generously brush olive oil over it.
Generously top the toast with some roasted and some non roasted tomatoes and chopped basil leaves. Season it with salt and pepper. Spoon the hung curd mixture over it and serve.





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