SALad Jar




When you grow your own vegetables (in my case few of the veggies). When your kid picks each of them with his tender cute little hands, the only thing you can make to respect the produce is salad.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/e4a/68271218/files/2014/12/img_4641.jpgRetaining its freshness, purity and not interfering much by adding too many ingredients and losing the freshness of veggies.
Salad jars are a smart way of packing your salads to office, picnics, for outdoor entertaining, while traveling…
2 nos – Bottles
Hand full of – Cherry tomatoes
1 no – Cucumber
1 no – Corn
1 cup – Hung curd
1 tbsp – Chilly flakes
1/4 cup – Toasted pinenuts
10 to 12 nos – Mint leaves
Salt to taste


Clean and dry the jars that you want to use for packing the salad.

Layer the veggies in order of your choice. Chop the mint leaves and mix it with the hung curd. Top the veggies with a generous scoop of mint curd. Sprinkle chilly flakes and pinenuts on top.


Variations in layering
You can add a layer of curd dressing after every veggie layer. This will ensure, you have dresding in every bite.
You could reverse the layering and start with the dressing as the base and top it up with veggies.
You can mix up everything and then fill the jar.


* Add salt as per your taste just before you eat. Adding salt earlier will make the veggies sweat and you will have a layer of water at the bottom of the bottle and the veggies will go soft and lose it’s crispness.



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