BRAndy Butter Sauce

3 tbsps – Brandy or Dark rum
75gms – Unsalted Butter
60 gms – All purpose flour
570 ml – Milk
50 gms – Sugar
1 tbsp – Double cream
A pinch of Nutmeg powder (optional)


Place 60 gms of the butter in a saucepan with the flour, pour in the milk, then, using a balloon whisk, whisk everything vigorously together over a medium heat.

As soon as it comes to simmering point and has thickened, turn the heat right down to its lowest setting, stir in the sugar and let the sauce cook for 10 minutes.


After that add the brandy or rum, the remaining 15gms of butter , nutmeg powder and 1 tablespoon cream.

Pour the hot sauce into a jug, then cover the surface with clingfilm and keep warm until required.

Pour generously over Christmas Pudding, Rum Cake or Apple Tart and serve.





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