HOT Chocolate


1/4 cup – Fresh cream
1 cup – Milk
2 tbsp – Chopped dark chocolate
1/4 tsp – Cinnamon powder ( more if you like)
A pinch – Instant coffee powder
Sugar to taste


Heat cream in a sauce pan. Do not boil. Just heat. Add chopped chocolate to this and whisk using a balloon whisk , till the chocolate melts. Add cinnamon powder, coffee powder and whisk again.


Add boiled milk and sugar to this and whisk using a balloon whisk till everything comes well together. Boil the milk for couple of minutes.

Serve it with a cinnamon stick for some extra flavour and some Ginger cookies :)

* . If you like thick hot chocolate then increase the amount of cream and reduce the milk.
. Adding just a pinch enhances the chocolate flavour. I would not suggest adding more coffee powder, as it will take away the chocolatey flavour and will taste more like coffee.



2 thoughts on “HOT Chocolate

  1. Dear dear Madhura,

    Saw this on CAL n visited your page.
    Lovely picturised.

    So tempting so simple n so inviting.
    Wanted to mention, Thankyou.
    Keep it up. God bless.

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