CARamel Sugar Syrup

4 tbsp – White granulated Sugar
1/2 cup – Water

Take sugar in a heavy bottomed sauce pan. Keep the flame on low or medium. Do not stir. The edges of the sugar will start melting and turning golden in colour (like in pict 1)

Swirl the pan as the sugar starts melting more and keeps turning gold. When 3/4th of the sugar has melted mix it all up with a spoon (like in pict 4)

Keep stirring and when all the sugar melts and the syrup starts turning dark gold and honey like colour (like in pict 5)

Hold the pan near a sink ,keep some distance, and add water to this. Be careful as it will splatter everywhere.

Suddenly the sugar syrup will crystalise and will turn dark rum colour. It will for a crystal or stick to the spoon (like in pict 6)

Do not worry. Place it back on low flame and stir till all the crystalised sugar melts.
Then boil it for 15 mins or till the syrup reduces to half. It has to be honey like consistency.



Store it at room temperature for a week or two. Use it in cakes, drizzle it over icecream…

7 thoughts on “CARamel Sugar Syrup

  1. Hey Madhuri,

    In the ingredients its mentioned as Powdered Sugar/Castor Sugar. I got some sugar from the grocery store yesterday. Its mentioned as Bura Sugar ( thinking it was powdered sugar based on the consistency ). Not too sure if i could use it for the recipe ? Pl help

  2. Hi madhuri,

    Did u add sugar and water together first or just sugar.. I dint understand the last part as u said to add water after step five is it the extra water to be added or the same??

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