EGG Dum Biryani


For the rice
2 cups – Basmati Rice
1 1/2cups – Water
1 no- Bay leaf
2 nos- Laung
1 no – Cinnamon
2 nos – Cardamom
2 tbsp – Pure ghee

For the Masala
6 nos – Boiled Eggs
1/2 cup – Mixed Chopped Mint & Coriander leaves
2 nos – Onion big, juliened
2 tsp – Ginger garlic paste
1/2 cup – Hung curd/ greek yogurt
1 tsp – Haldi
1 tbsp – Red chilly powder
1 tbsp – Fresh coriander powder
1 tsp – Cumin seeds
Salt to taste


For Assembly
2 nos – Onions , julienned
Oil/ghee for deep frying
1 pinch – Saffron
1/4 cup – Milk
1 cup – Mixed Chopped Mint & Coriander leaves

1 no – Cricket ball size roti dough
1 no – Earthen ware pot/ oven proof pot



Soak saffron in warm milk and set aside for an hour.
Deep fry julienned onions in oil or ghee, spread and cool it till we assemble.

For the Rice
In a pan, heat ghee. Add sll the whole masalas and let it brown up. Add the washed and drained rice to this and mix well so that the rice is well coated with the ghee. Now add water and bring to boil. Cover it with a lid and cook for 5 to 8 mins. The rice should be just a point undercooked. When you break a grain, it should have a small white dot in the center.
Spread the rice in a plate and let it cool while you prepare the masala.

For the masala
Take curds in a bowl . Add haldi, red chilly, salt and coriander powder to this. Add half tomato to this and set it aside for 1/2 hour.

In a kadhai, heat ghee. Add cumin seeds , ginger& garlic paste and 2 julienned onions. Saute till the onions turn dark brown. Not burnt. Add half pudina and coriander mix and saute for 2 mins. Add the curd mixture and saute on a high flame while rigorously mixing, making sure the curd does not curdle. Cook till the oil seperates. Add boiled eggs ( i like it whole, but you can cut the eggs in half too) cook it for an other 5 mins. The masala has to be well caramalised and thick paste consistency.

In the earthenware pot or any oven proof pot, spread half the amount of rice at the bottom. Spread the egg masala on top of the rice layer. Sprinkle pudina coriander mixture over it. Spread the remaining rice to cover the masala layer. Sprinkle pudina mixture again over it .

Pour the saffron milk over the rice. Roll the roti dough bigger than the mouth of the pot. Cover the pot with the roti. Let the dough hang down a little. Press it well at the rim of the pot to seal it well.

Place it in a 160°C preheated oven for 15 to 20 mins.

While serving crack the dough open, sprinkle deep fried onions generously and serve with raita.


*You can repeat the layers of rice and masala while assembling, depending on the height of the pot.







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