DULche De Leche Kulfi

IMG_7310-0.JPGHäagen Dazs is an icecream brand that has one of the best flavours of icecreams.. The only ice cream that i eat and die for… The only flavour that i have is…Dulche De Leche!!

I love this flavour so much so that i do not share it with any one, not even with husband… I love to sit in my couch, in a corner, post dinner, hold the ice cream tub close to me, dig into it spoon by spoon and enjoy it slowly. Licking the spoon everytime so that you do not waste a single drop of it…. I must be sounding crazy right?? Oh… Thats what Häagen Dazs Dulche De Leche ice cream does to you, drives you crazy. I get goosebumps everytime it melts in my mouth.

So finally making a eggless version. I will soon be posting the recipe for the Häagen Dazs recipe which contains egg. But for now for the eggless one which was 95% close to the Häagen Dazs Icecream….

1 ltr – Full fat milk
1/4 cup – Sugar
1/2 tin – Dulche De leche Sauce

1/4 cup – Dulche De Leche Sauce
15 nos – Hazelnuts

Boil milk in a wide saucepan, for an hour. Keep stirring the milk so that it doesnt stick to the bottom.You will see that cream is forming a layer on top of the milk.The milk turns offwhite in colour and starts thickening resembling condensed milk. Add Dulche de Leche to this and mix it well and boil further. Check for the taste and add more DDL if you like. When finally the milk reduces to 1/4th quantity of the original quantity, switch of the flame and let it cool.

Once cooled add churn it in a mixer till smooth. Pour them through a seive into a jug. Slowly pour them into the moulds and freeze it for a day.

For serving mix the DDL sauce with a tablespoon or two of hotwater and mix it well to get a creamy pouring consistency.
Before serving just dip the moulds in a cup of water. Open the lid, gently loosesn the edges and tap it and remove it onto the serving plate… drizzle the DDL sauce over the kulfi generously, and sprinkle some crushed Hazelnuts on it and serve…





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