PALak Paneer

Palak Paneer is the most known Indian curry  is made of Spinach and Cottage Cheese. It is best served with Roti and pickled onions.

2 bunches – Palak
1 cup – Paneer cubes
2 nos – Onion
1 no – Tomato
1 tbsp – Jeera
1 tsp – Haldi
2 tbsps – Red chilly powder
1 tbsp – Garam masala powder
1 tbsp – Kasoori methi
2 tsp – Sugar
2 tbsp – Ginger julienned
4 tbsp – Oil
1/4 cup – fresh cream (optional)
Salt to taste

For tempering
1 tbsp – Oil
2 nos – Red chillies
1 tbsp – Sliced garlic (optional, i do not use it regulary. Just once in a while)

Julienned Ginger for garnishing.

.Immerse palak leaves in 2 cups of boiling water and let it sit for couple of mins, till they shrink. Remove and grind the leaves into a fine paste. Reserve the water for later.
. Ground the onions into a fine paste.
. Grate tomato using agrater and discard the peel.
. Shallow fry ordeep fry all the paneer cubes except 2 cubes for later use. Shallow frying or deep frying is optional. You can use fresh paneer without frying them too.


Heat oil in a deep pan. Add jeera to this and let it turn dark brown. Add onion paste, ginger and kasoori methi to this and saute till onion turns gold. Add grated tomato , salt, haldi, red chilly powder, garam masala powder to this. Saute till the oil seperates.

Add the palak paste, the reserved water, sugar and boil for 5 mins. Add the fried paneer or fresh paneer cubes to this and boil till the gravy turns dark in colour and the oil seperates. Meanwhile grate the non fried two paneer cubes that we had saved earlier and add itto the gravy. This gives the gravy a creamy and thicker consistency. Add fresh cream if using any and mix well.
For tempering, heat oil in a small pan. Add red chillies and sluced garlic to it. Let the garluc turn gold. Pour it over Palak Paneer and serve with roti or naan. Khatta pyaaz goes great with it.


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