MEAl planning

Planning my meal the night before helps me keep calm during the early rush mornings..Helps me sit and sip my tea in peace as i know what i have to cook.

I try and have 40% protein + 40% carb + 20% fat in any meal that i put up.
I try and make it colourful as well.

To be honest any homemade local food doesnt need any of this calculation. Being a southindia i dont have to worry much about this. I follow what has been followed by my parents and grand parents and it works well for me.

But being married to punjabi i need to balance the dishes.

roti+ sabzi + ghee
whole wheat bread + eggs ( in various forms and whole egg, not just whites ) + fruits
Idli + sambar + chutney
Dose+ sabzi + chutney

For lunch
Sambar+ Rice+kosambari
Rasam+ rice + dry sabzi+ kosambari
Roti+ dal+ sabzi+ salad

For dinner
Bread + soup
Focaccio + salad+ soup

And knowingly or unknowingly it falls in place perfectly and proportionately.

When i keep my main meals healthy and simple it doesnt hurt having a piece of cake or any other baked stuff or eat out during weekends.

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