VEGetable Shopping

Putting tasty, beautiful, healthy, homely food begins with buying some good vegetables.
Though i buy greens fresh whenever i step out of the house, due to my hectic schedule i have to buy vegetables once a week. I love shopping :) its a stress buster for me… Yes i am still talking about vegetable shopping :)
I plan my menu for the week while buying these beauties. Sometimes everything seems so inviting that i feel helpless that i cant buy them all.
Being an artist and a designer i love to see vegetables of all colours in my basket. Green french beans, leaves, green chillies, capsicum, orange carrots, purple brinjal, yellow lemons, white radish and garlic, pink onions, brown potatoes, red tomatoes… It should look like a painting in a basket.

I take my pouches with zips to buy vegetables and a woven basket, so that i can do my bit of saying no to plastics. I do not follow no plastic policy extremely but i try and say no wherever possible.

I get them back home, wash them carefully, brush them in case of ginger, potatoes, carrots, radish and spread them all on a cloth to air dry. Taking time to do this saves me a lot of time during weekdays. I never chop my vegetables and store. Just wash and store.

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