ROSe Pistachio Lassi


Adding another dish to my array of Rose Pistachio is the refreshing lassi. I do not know if it is my love for rose flavour or not, but i prefer this lassi over the normal plain lassi. It has a very fresh feel to it.

Lassi is always supposed to be had generously in huge glasses like a punjab’s heart :) without paying much attention to the etiquettes. The fun of having lassi is when you have a froth moustache after a sip ;)


500 gms – Yogurt
1/4 cup – Sugar ( more if you prefer more sweetness)
2 drops – Rose essence
1/2 tsp – Rose water
5 to 6 – Edible rose petals
Pistachio chopped and few more petals for garnishing

Churn all the ingredients in a mixer for 3 to 4 mins. Till you see froth on top. Pour them into glasses keeping the froth and garnish with rose petals and chopped pistachios.




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