HEErekaayi Sippe Chutney – Ridge Gourd Peel Chutney


Heerekaayi Sippe Chutney or Ridge Gourd Perl Chutney is made of Heerekaayi. Heerekaayi or Ridge Gourd is used in a lot of dishes like Tovve (a variety of dal preparation), Sambar, Bonda (bhajiya), dry Sabzi etc. Everytime we make these dishes the peel is then used into a chutney. It goes really well with tovve and rice or with Akki rotti or roti.







Heat a tbsp of oil in a kadhai. Add the peel and saute till it turns a little dark and shrinks.
Switch off the flame and add green chillies, tamarind , coconut and jeera to this and saute till the pan cools. Add 
salt, jaggery and grind it into a paste in a mixer.

In the same kadhai that you sauted the peel, heat a tbsp of oil for tempering. Add rai and curry leaves and let it crisp up. To this add finely chopped onions and saute till it turns translucent. Add the ground chutney to this and saute for a minute. .

Clean the mixer jar with water and add this to the kadhai. Let this chutney boil for 10 mins. It should change its colour to a darker shade and get to chutney consistency.


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