CHAkota Masala – Spicy Grape fruit

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In kannada we call this fruit Chakota. We have this fruit in abundance in our estates and hence we have never valued this fruit much. We as kids made a push toy using this fruit and ran around playing with it.
Hollywood actresses swear by this fruit for weight loss… I dont know about that, but it sure does tastes great.
There are two varities white and red. White is more sour and bitter compared to the red. Red is much more sweeter.

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1 no – Chakota/ Grape fruit
1 no – Green chilly
Salt to taste
1/4 cup – Jaggery

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Peel the grapefruit and break the flesh into one bite size.
In a mortar pestle, grind chilly, jaggery and salt together and mix it with the fruit. Taste it and balancethe hot, sour and sweet taste.

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