BASic Sponge Cake

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A perfect sponge is what is tough to achieve. The soft spongy cake is the toughest to master. I can not say i have mastered it, but i am getting there slowly and steadily.
A perfect sponge cake should have the pores and should resemble a sponge. Should be so soft that it should melt in your mouth.
I can never get enough of a simple sponge cake.20140731-074043 am-27643859.jpg

2 nos – Eggs
1 cup – Sugar
1/2 tsp – Vanilla extract
11/8 cup – All-purpose flour
1 1/8 tsp – Baking powder
1/2 + 1/8 cups – Milk
5 tbsp – Butter

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Line a 9″ cake pan with grease proof paper.
Seive all purpose flour, baking powder together.
Heat milk and add butter to it and let the butter melt.
Preheat the oven to 160° or 170°C depending on your oven. I heat it to 170°C
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Take eggs in a large mixing bowl and start whisking it on low speed using a electric whisk. After 2 seconds gradually start adding sugar and kerp whisking. Whisk it for almost 4 to 5 mins till the mixture starts looking almost pale white and silky. This step is the secret to the almost perfect sponge.

Add vanilla extract and using a hand whisk (ballon whisk)mix it lightly. Add the flour and whisk it wellbut very lightly. At last add the hotmilk and whisk.

The whisking has to be well done but not hard. The mixing has to be very lightly handled. The batter should feel light and airy.

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Pour the batter into the tin and bake it for 30 to 35 mins. When you press the cake it should spring back snd thats when you know its done. Or insert a toothpick in the center of the cake and remove. If the tooth bick comes out completely clean then the cake is done. Cover the pan very lightly with a thin cloth and cool it in the pan for 15 mins and then transfer it onto a cooling rack.
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PS: Whisking is the most important part in getting the right texture.
Do not open the door of the oven to test atleast for the first fifteen minutes. This will ensure you get a perfect crust.
Seive the dry ingredients atleast a couple of times.
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24 thoughts on “BASic Sponge Cake

  1. Hi dear.please explain d proportion of 11/8 cup. How do I measure this? And have you taken powdered sugar or granular?

  2. Hi Madhuri,
    Tried this basic sponge cake!! The result was really awesome.. Soft,spongy texture☺😍 I followed the exact measurements except for the whipping method. I used a had whip instead of a electric whip..anyways the cake was awesome😍☺ thank you!!

  3. U haven’t used butter in the recipe but it’s there in the ingredients. Also can we replace butter with oil. If so how much oil is needed? I have an 8 inch pan. What’s the temperature and duration to follow?

    Please guide.

  4. can we replace butter with oil. If so how much oil is needed? I have an 8 inch pan. What’s the temperature and duration to follow?

    Please guide.

  5. Hi Madhuri,

    I had made this cake and used as a base for tiramisu cake….it tasted so so awesome….I just added a tsp coffee powder.
    Can you please suggest how can I modify this recipe to make a chocolate sponge cake?


    1. Hey Roopali, i am glad you liked it 😊 I have an other basic chocolate cake recipe on my blog. Do check that out.
      Or you could replace 2tbsps of all purpose flour with cocoa powder in this recipe too.

      1. Thanks M…will check that out. Actually I have to bake for an occasion and wanted to do a tried tested recipe….am sure that basic chocolate cake recipe must also be wonderful. If I double the qty here, can I bake in a 10 inch pan or will I need a bigger one?

      2. Just checked the chocolate cake recipe….it’s in grams…i am yet to buy a weighing scale 😕
        I will stick to this recipe 😊

  6. I am a novice in baking but wanted to bake a cake for my son’s second birthday. I also attempted to bake last year on his first birthday and it was a disaster and i was quite disappointed. So, I searched around for a simple cake recipe and decided to go with your basic sponge cake. It turned out so well. Everyone just loved it and more importantly, I knew that i had done a decent job with it. Just wanted to say thanks . Your blog is now going to be part of our fond memories associated with Vihaan’s second birthday. Thanks Madhuri !

    p.s. I keep seeing your updates on my facebook feed. You are doing so well. You must be so very proud !

    1. Thank you so much Roma. This is one of the best complements i have ever received. As a mother of a toddler myself, i can completely understand how excited you must be to make a cake yourself. Thank you again for writing. Happy belated wishes to Vihaan 😊

  7. Thanks a ton Madhura for this flawless recipe.. I owe an apology to you too.. because I have tried this recipe so many times but have not got a chance to Thank you here for it. but everytime I make it.. I thank you in my heart.. it just perfectly explained with utmost detail.. Thanks a ton.. God bless!!

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