ROSe Pistachio Cake

20140729-081156 pm-72716278.jpg20140729-081154 pm-72714036.jpg There is something about the ROSE PISTACHIO combination that i love. It is so traditional and reminds me of my childhood. I have no clue why :)
I love rose flavour in anything, be it perfume, creams, soaps , freshners, food….
This is my second dish with this combination after Sheer Khurma
You will for surely see many more recipes coming out with this combination..

20140729-081154 pm-72714356.jpg


For the cake
Follow the recipe of my Rose Cake

Icing Ingredients
1 cup – Heavy cream
1/8 cup – Chopped Pistachios
4 tbsp – Icing sugar
1 tsp – Rose water
1 tbsp – Dried rose petals

20140729-081156 pm-72716559.jpg
Method for Icing
In a large bowl whisk together rose water, cream and icing sugar till soft peaks form. Do not over whisk otherwise you will end up with butter. It should be silky and soft.

20140729-081152 pm-72712433.jpg

Let the cake cool. Preferably overnite. Place the cake on the serving tray. Spread the icing generously over the cake. Sprinkle some icing sugar over it. Sprinkle all the chopped pistachios and rose petals on top.

20140729-081154 pm-72714795.jpg

20140729-081153 pm-72713624.jpg

20140729-081152 pm-72712046.jpg

20140729-081156 pm-72716007.jpg

20140729-081155 pm-72715177.jpg

20140729-081153 pm-72713055.jpg

20140729-081155 pm-72715572.jpg

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