MOOli Da Parantha

20140729-084105 pm-74465180.jpg
4 no – Mooli / Radish
1 tsp – Red Chilly powder
1/2 tsp – Haldi
Salt to taste
2 tbsps – Chopped coriander leaves
20140729-085512 pm-75312678.jpg
Grate the radish add a tsp of salt and leave it aside for 10 mins.

20140729-084540 pm-74740709.jpg
Mixing salt helps the radish sweat completely. Squeeze all the water out into a glass. Squeeze it completely till the radish feels very dry.

20140729-084839 pm-74919914.jpg

20140729-084839 pm-74919454.jpg

20140729-084541 pm-74741111.jpg
Use the radish water to knead the dough for parantha. Do not throw it away. Kneading the dough with the radish water will ensure uou keep all the goodness of radish and you will have the radish through all layers.

20140729-084422 pm-74662195.jpg
Mix red chilly powder, haldi , coriander leaves and salt to taste to the grated and squeezed radish. Seperate the radish syrands while mixing.

20140729-085913 pm-75553337.jpg
Make lemon size balls out of this mixture and make paranthas.

20140729-093640 pm-77800570.jpg

20140729-093641 pm-77801078.jpgPut a dollop of butter on hot parantha, stop thinking about waistline and enjoy…

20140729-093641 pm-77801448.jpg

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