KHOya Kulfi

20140729-105404 pm-82444448.jpg20140729-105405 pm-82445118.jpgIngredients
1 ltr – Full fat milk
1/3 cup – Sugar
1/2 cup – Khoya

20140729-105406 pm-82446375.jpg

20140729-105406 pm-82446727.jpg

20140729-105405 pm-82445418.jpg

Boil milk in a wide saucepan, for an hour. Keep stirring the milk so that it doesnt stick to the bottom. When the milk reduces to 1/2 add khoya and 1/4 th cup sugar and check for the sweetness. Add the rest if you like more sweetness.
And reduce the milk further. You will see that cream is forming a layer on top of the milk.The milk turns off white in colour and starts thickening resembling condensed milk. When finally the milk reduces to 1/4th quantity of the original quantity, switch of the flame and let it cool.
20140729-105404 pm-82444743.jpg

20140729-105407 pm-82447039.jpg

Once the mixture is cooled, blend it in a mixer for a minute or two till the milk turns smooth.

Pour them into the kulfi moulds and freeze overnight.
20140729-105406 pm-82446054.jpg

20140729-105405 pm-82445767.jpg

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