WHEy Water

20140726-114110 am-42070126.jpg
Whey water is the water the drips out when you make Paneer/Cheese or when you make hung curd. The dilute lemony water is what is called the whey.

20140727-071734 am-26254580.jpgThis water is protein rich and can be used as a substitute to water in many dishes.

20140727-071959 am-26399578.jpgDo not throw away this protein rich water. You can easily refrigerate it in a bottle for a week.

20140727-072317 am-26597007.jpgUses
. Use it to knead the roti dough
. Use it make vegetable gravys instead of water
. Add a pinch of salt and roasted jeera powder and have it as a drink.
. Use it to make a home made pack for face or hair
.Use it in bread making instead of water
.After a week, do not throw it away in the sink but water your plants with it.

20140727-073247 am-27167146.jpg

20140727-073246 am-27166531.jpg
Do not use it with lentils and meat or any other protein, so that you do not over load a dish with protein than required.

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