CRUnchy Creamy Coleslaw

20140725-030626 pm-54386959.jpg
1 cup – Hung curd
1/2 cup – Finely juliened cabbage
1/4 cup – Grated carrot
1 tsp – Freshly milled black pepper
Salt to taste
1 tsp – Sugar

20140725-032204 pm-55324426.jpg

Mix everything well in a bowl. Refrigerate for half an hour or overnight.
Serve it with bread. And i know you guys might laugh , but it tastes amazing as a dip with potato chips.

Do not add water even if it feels a little thick. The salt in the salad will anyways lead into sweating of cabbage and carrot. The mixture should be creamy and resemble mayonaisse.

Originally mayonaisse is used instead of hung curd. And some recipes call for both mayo and curd. But i like to keep it light and i do not like the eggy smell in coleslaw because of mayo.

20140725-034015 pm-56415171.jpg

20140725-034440 pm-56680533.jpg

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