POTato En Papillote

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En Papillote means ‘In Parchment’ or ‘In Paper’. Its a very fascinating, very rustic method of cooking. It gives a camping feel to the dish….
Anything can be cooked wrapped in parchment paper. Be it vegetables, or meat or seafood…
The method requires you to add in some oil and some liquid to create steam while cooking and keep the ingredients moist.
The weather was amazing and we decided to laze around at home and not go out. So why not have a special lunch at home….

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Serves 2
12 nos – Baby potatoes
1 stick – Leeks
1 no – whole Garlic
2tbsp – Olive oil
Salt to taste
Crushed Pepper
1/4 cup – White Wine
1/4 cup – Cream
1 tbsp – lemon juice

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Preheat the oven to 180°C.
Boil the potatoes till they are just cooked and still hard.
In a mixing bowl add salt, pepper, lemonjuice, oil, diced leeks to the pre boiled potatoes and mix them well and coat the potaoes well .Spread double layer of parchment paper and pour in the potatoe mixutre on to it. Pour in the wine onto the mixture. Slice the whole garlic into two and place them on the potatoes.Gather the parchment from all sides and bring it together and secure it using a cotton thread. It should look like a money bag.

20140713-073432 pm-70472336.jpg

Bake the bag for 40 to 50 mins in the preheated oven. Just before serving open the bag on the serving table. Add cream, few finely diced leeks and freshly crushed pepper to it and mix well.

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20140713-073433 pm-70473530.jpg
The wine, oil and lemon juice creates the required steam inside the bag that helps in cooking of the potatoes. You can omit wine in case you dont wish to use it. The oil n lemon juice will still do the job.
If you do not have baby potatoes then you can cut the potatoes into small cubes or slices.

20140713-073434 pm-70474894.jpg

20140713-073435 pm-70475706.jpg

20140713-073435 pm-70475268.jpg
Serve it with freshly baked , Butter Brushed Rosemary Sticks.

20140713-073729 pm-70649964.jpg

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