CURry Leaf Chutney

20140709-050422 pm-61462796.jpgCurry leaves are a major part of southindian cooking. It is present in most of our dishes. And every house would have a curry leaf tree.

20140715-120625 pm-43585194.jpgAs kids we would pick the fruits from the tree and eat it but i used to hate the leaf and pick each and every one of them and put it aside… My mom would tell me ” have it , its good for your eyes, its good for hair growth, it ‘ll keep your hair black “.
As a southindian its important to have thick, long, black hair :)
But as a kid i cared for all these…,
Now as i have grown i have started liking this leaf.

20140709-050422 pm-61462426.jpg

200 gms – Curry Leaves
200 gms – Urad dal
1 cup – Fresh grated coconut
1 /2 lemon size – tamarind
2 to 3 – Green Chillies
Salt to taste
1 tbsp – Rai
1 tbsp – Oil

Wash and air dry the curry leaves.
Sun dry the grated coconut for one afternoon.
In a pan dry fry urad dal till gold.
Tempering: In a pan heat the oil, to this add rai and hing. Let it crackle.

Take curry leaves, dried coconut, tamarind, chillies, salt, jaggery, tempering, urad dal and grind it in a dry jar. Grind it to a coarse texture. Do not add water. The chutney should powdery yet moist.
Serve it with, roti, dose or just hot rice with ghee.

20140709-050421 pm-61461721.jpg

Incase of no fresh coconut, use dry grated coconut or desecated coconut too.
20140709-050422 pm-61462062.jpg

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