MUShroom Pesto Spagetti

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1/2 packet – Spagetti
1 no – Chopped Onions
10 to 12 – Finely sliced Garlic
100 gms – Button mushrooms sliced
Salt to taste
Crushed black pepper
4 tbsps – Extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsps – Pesto sauce
1 tbsp – Toasted pine nuts

Cooking the pasta to Al Dente
Boil water in a large deep vessel . Let it boil really well. To this add a tbsp of salt. Keep away as once you add salt to the boiling water it boils out. Once the water is boiling, drop the spagetti into it. Cook it for about 10 mins. Do not reduce the flame. The bubbles generated by the boiling water keeps away the spagetti from each other.
Cook the spagetti to Al Dente ( i have so been wanting to use this word ;P)
Al Dente means cooking the pasta just perfect that it is hard but cooked at the same time. Just eat a small bit to make sure its just cooked. Do not overcook the spagetti.

Nigella Lawson says take out one cup of the pasta cooked water for using it later incase of making any sauce, as it has all the good starch in it. And i do that everytime.

Strain the pasta and wash it well under running water to stop the pasta from cooking further. Drain the water well. Add a spoon of oil and toss the spagetti well in it and set it aside.
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Take two tbsps of oil in a wok. Crush some pepper into it. After a sec add the garlic slivers to it. As it browns add finely chopped onions to it. Saute the onions till it browns. Add the sliced mushrooms to this. As Julia says dont crowd the mushrooms, otherwise it will not brown. So spread the mushrooms well. Let every mushroom touch the bottom of the wok. Do not cover the wok.
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20140708-101730 am-37050909.jpg

20140708-101731 am-37051166.jpg

Let the mushrooms caramalise well. Once that is done, add the cooked spagetti to this. Add pesto sauce and toss it well. Adjust the salt according to your taste. If the pasta is too dry then add the starchy pasta cooked water that was kept aside earlier.

20140708-101731 am-37051465.jpg

20140708-101731 am-37051759.jpg

Serve it hot with little olive oil drizzled over it, some pinenuts sprinkled over, some basil leaves torn on it and some pepper freshly ground over it.
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20140708-101732 am-37052636.jpg

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