GINger Kulfi

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I love Kulfi, who doesnt??right??
I want to dedicate a whole section for kulfis.. This is the first but many more to come. Ill keep my talking to minimum and let the pictures talk for themselves. I have tried creating a combination of silver( frozen with the moulds)and gold(kulfi with candied ginger)
in my picts… Hope you enjoy seeing them and hope it is inviting enough for you to make it ….

20140706-020528 pm-50728512.jpg

1 ltr – Full fat milk
1/3 cup – Sugar
2 Inch – Ginger

Dried and candied ginger
Dried rose petals

Boil milk in a wide saucepan, for an hour. Keep stirring the milk so that it doesnt stick to the bottom. When the milk reduces to half the original quantity add thin slices of ginger and keep boiling. Add 1/4 th cup sugar to this and check for the sweetness. Add the rest if you like more sweetness.
And reduce the milk further. You will see that cream is forming in the milk. The milk turns off white in colour and starts thickening resembling condensed milk. When finally the milk reduces to 1/4th quantity of the original quantity, switch of the flame and let it cool.

20140706-115944 pm-86384854.jpg

20140706-115945 pm-86385087.jpg

Once cooled, remove the ginger slices and blend it in a mixer for a minute or two till the milk turns smooth.

Pour them into the kulfi moulds and freeze overnight.

20140706-020525 pm-50725637.jpg

20140706-020526 pm-50726437.jpg

20140706-020525 pm-50725937.jpg

20140706-020526 pm-50726191.jpg

20140706-020526 pm-50726792.jpg

20140706-020527 pm-50727899.jpg

20140706-020527 pm-50727348.jpg

20140706-020527 pm-50727079.jpg

20140706-020527 pm-50727632.jpgBefore serving just dip the moulds in a cup of water. Open the lid, gently loosesn the edges and tap it and remove it onto the serving plate…

20140706-021429 pm-51269815.jpgGarnish it with candied dried ginger and rose petals…

20140706-021428 pm-51268088.jpg

20140706-021427 pm-51267410.jpg

20140706-021428 pm-51268306.jpg

20140706-021430 pm-51270135.jpg

20140706-021427 pm-51267764.jpg

20140706-021428 pm-51268649.jpg

20140706-021430 pm-51270403.jpg
Please leave a message if you try this and i would love to know how it went for you.

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