BASic Sponge Cake

A perfect sponge is what is tough to achieve. The soft spongy cake is the toughest to master. I can not say i have mastered it, but i am getting there slowly and steadily. A perfect sponge cake should have the pores and should resemble a sponge. Should be so soft that it should melt … More BASic Sponge Cake

KHOya Kulfi

Ingredients 1 ltr – Full fat milk 1/3 cup – Sugar 1/2 cup – Khoya Method Boil milk in a wide saucepan, for an hour. Keep stirring the milk so that it doesnt stick to the bottom. When the milk reduces to 1/2 add khoya and 1/4 th cup sugar and check for the sweetness. … More KHOya Kulfi

MOOli Da Parantha

Ingredients 4 no – Mooli / Radish 1 tsp – Red Chilly powder 1/2 tsp – Haldi Salt to taste 2 tbsps – Chopped coriander leaves Preparation Grate the radish add a tsp of salt and leave it aside for 10 mins. Mixing salt helps the radish sweat completely. Squeeze all the water out into … More MOOli Da Parantha

ROSe Pistachio Cake

There is something about the ROSE PISTACHIO combination that i love. It is so traditional and reminds me of my childhood. I have no clue why :) I love rose flavour in anything, be it perfume, creams, soaps , freshners, food…. This is my second dish with this combination after Sheer Khurma You will for … More ROSe Pistachio Cake

CHOcolate Cake

Sometimes a simple cake is all that you need. No fuss, no butter cream, no icing, no decoration…Just cake. This is for one of such occassions… Ingredients 25 gms – Cocoa Powder 50 gms – Dark brown sugar 125 ml – Boiling water 60 gms – Soft unsalted butter 125 gms – Caster sugar 110 … More CHOcolate Cake

WHEy Water

Whey water is the water the drips out when you make Paneer/Cheese or when you make hung curd. The dilute lemony water is what is called the whey. This water is protein rich and can be used as a substitute to water in many dishes. Do not throw away this protein rich water. You can … More WHEy Water