GREen Apple and Cherry Salad

20140630-085637 am-32197751.jpgIngredients
1/2 no – Green apple or any crunchy apple, juliened
Handful of cherries – Pitted
1 no – Small cucumber juliened
1 no – Small boiled and roasted potato slices
1/2 no – Crispy toasted bread slice

Olive oil
Freshly milled black pepper

20140630-085638 am-32198068.jpg
Prepare your veggies and fruits except the potato snd mix it well but with light hands in a salad bowl. There is no particular way to cut these, but make sure to cut them all in similar fashion.

Slice the potatoes very thin and with just a tablespoon of olive oil on a pan roast them till they turn golden and crisp.

Toast the bread till its hard and crisp. Do not burn :) and crush them with your hands to get bigger bread crumbs.

Mix salt and pepper well into the oil. I am not adding any sweetening agent like honey or sugar as we already have cherries and apples in the salad.

Just before serving, add the potatoes to the salad. Then pour the dressing generously over the salad. And spinkle the bread crumbs at the end.

Adding potatoes and bread crumbs just before serving ensures that it retains its crunch….Happy munching !!!!

20140630-085637 am-32197416.jpg

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