CUStard and Vanilla Icecream

20140630-122632 pm-44792158.jpgIngredients
1.5 tbsp – Vanilla custard powder
4-5 Tbsp – Sugar,more or less according to your taste
2 cups -Milk
2 tbsp -Fresh cream
1 no – Vanilla pod

Mix the custard powder in the 3 tblsp of milk into a smooth paste without any lumps.

Boil the milk in a saucepan with split vanilla pod.Add sugar n mix. Add the custard mixture to the boiling milk .Stir it continuously till it gets thick. Cool it completely stirring it occassionally so that it doesnt set.
When done, add cream and whip in the mixer for a minute.

Pour this mixture in an airtight box n freeze it for 45 mins.
After that take out and whip it again for a minute. Repeat this step 5 times . this will ensure u have a smooth ice cream.
Freeze it over night.
Your vanilla custard ice cream is done. Serve it with candied sugar or praline.

20140630-122631 pm-44791554.jpg
Vanilla pod is optional as u will be using vanilla flavoured powder. I like the small black grains against the pale off white custard cream.
The more no of times u beat it in the mixer the more smoother ur ice cream gets.

20140630-122631 pm-44791909.jpg

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