KHAtta pyaaz

20140618-043636 pm-59796950.jpg

These pink babies are amazingly photogenic…:)The baby onions look so pretty and so inviting.
Khatta pyaaz is a must in my mother- in- laws house almost everyday. It goes well with any roti subzi, any dal. I love it all alone with roti. And so easy to make. Why dont you see for yourself….20140618-043637 pm-59797338.jpg

1 cup – Small peeled onions
2 tbsp – Vinegar or lemon juice

In a bottle or a bowl place the onions and add the vinegar or the lemon juice. Coat the onions well with vinegar by shaking the bottle or by tossing the onions by hand. Let it sit overnight in the vinegar. You will see that they are now pink and pretty. Serve it with almost anything 20140618-043639 pm-59799203.jpg

Store it in the refrigerator for not more than a week.20140618-043637 pm-59797967.jpg

20140618-043638 pm-59798408.jpg

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