LYChee cheese cake

I had promised few friends on a forum that i am a member of, a long ago that i will post the recipe of this cake . I know i am really late. But better late than never… Right??

Lychees are my all time favourite.
I wanted to paint a beautiful pic with it and thats how ended up making this cake.20140605-034651 pm-56811389.jpgIngredients:
100gms – Digestive biscuits
2tbsps – Melted butter

Cream cheese filling
200gms – Cream cheese/fresh fresh paneer
400gms – Condensed Milk
2 tbsp – Unflavoured Gelatin
5 tbsp – hot water
1 cup – lychee puree

Method crust
Prepare a 9″ springform by lining the bottom of the pan with grease proof paper. I love the wrinkles that i get because of the paper and hence i use it on the side walls too. But thats optional.
In a mixie powder the biscuit. Remove it into a bowl. Gradually add the melted butter . And mix it with your hands so that the butter coats the biscuit well. The mixture has to be seperate and not too sticky. Almost like bread crumbs.
Now put the mixture into the bottom of the pan and spread it evenly. Now using a measuring cup press down the crumbs so that the crumb necomes the base. Refrigerate it till you prepare your cheese mixture.

20140605-033752 pm-56272574.jpg
Cream cheese filling
Heat the 5tbsp water and milk the gelatin in it till it dissolves completely.
In a mixie blend your fresh paneer( do not set the paneer, straight out of the muslin cloth) condensed milk and blend it till smooth. Add lychee puree and blend again. Transfer it onto a bowl. Add the gelatin and mix well using a spatula. Pour this mixture through a seive onto the set base. Refrigerate for atleast 8hours and 12 hours to get best result.

20140605-034625 pm-56785193.jpg

20140605-034625 pm-56785441.jpgPlating up.
Cream Cheese Icing
Keep some paneer aside while using it for the cake. Blend this paneer with icing sugar or normal sugar to make a smooth paste. Divide this mixture into two. Add colour to one part and the other part let it be as is. Fill it into a piping bag and refrigerate till you get everything else ready.

20140605-040512 pm-57912218.jpgI have used blueberries, cream cheese icing and caramel sugar work. Use your imagination and plate it up.

20140605-040945 pm-58185832.jpg

20140605-040945 pm-58185647.jpg

4 thoughts on “LYChee cheese cake

  1. hi madhuri… love the work.. ..hv a qn tho.. fr the mango vanilla cheesecake, u use hung curd n cream.. but for this u use paneer n condensed milk?? which one is better… ??? n more suited for a mango cheesecake?

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