COConut chutney

Coconut chutney is something that a southindian can make in her sleep. It goes with so many things… With idli, dose (dosa), vade (vada), chapathi, upma, pongal, maddur vade, ambode, Akki rotti, vangi bath, tomato bath, buns, all varities of bajji, ragi rotti, with simple ghee rice….i am talking about southindians :) you will not … More COConut chutney

ROSe Cake

What do you do when your husband brings you flowers??? You smile :) you hug him :) you feel special :) you then arrange it in a vase, keep looking at it now an then at those beauties…and then Eureka!!!! You make a cake out of few of those :) So presenting the ALL LOVE … More ROSe Cake

KHAtta pyaaz

These pink babies are amazingly photogenic…:)The baby onions look so pretty and so inviting. Khatta pyaaz is a must in my mother- in- laws house almost everyday. It goes well with any roti subzi, any dal. I love it all alone with roti. And so easy to make. Why dont you see for yourself…. Ingredients … More KHAtta pyaaz