PLAin White Rice

A lot of curries, rasams, sambars etc is usually had with Rice.

There are again lot of varieties of rice.

Basmati, mostly used in pulav, biryani and few dessert preparations. Basmati is a long grained rice which is very fragrant when cooked.

Sonamasoori, is a short grained rice which is mostly used in south India. It is available in polished and unpolished variety. Unpolished is what we use on a daily basis. Rice is better as it ages.

Other than this the other varieties that i am familiar are Raj Mudi, Gamsaale, Brown rice, Kusublakki (Red rice).

Cooking rice:

1 cup – Rice

2 cups – Water 2  ( incase of basmati ) and 3 parts (incase of any other rice) and 4 parts ( incase of Brown rice and red rice)

Wash your rice well atleast 3 times. Let it sit for few minutes. In a non stick kadhai or a heavy bottom utensil take the measured water and let it boil. Add the washed rice as soon as you see the first boil. Keep the flame high.Reduce the flame to low as soon as the water starts boiling and cover the pan with the lid. Let it cook for 10 minutes. Keep checking after 1omins. The rice should be cooked when all the water is evaporated. Take few grains in between your fingers and press it and see if the rice is cooked. If yes then switch off the gas and keep it covered and if not add little more water and cook for few more minutes.

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