NANiji waala Halwa

The name is self explanatory. It is a recipe passed onto me by my husband’s nani. This is the halwa that he wanted to have everyday when he went to his nani’s. After marriage the first time I visited nani, he told me to PLEASE learn to make it. And I do not want to sound proud, but apparently I am the only one who makes it exactly like her :) ya ya minus nani’s pyaar. But my pyaar does compensate for it :)

This Halwa unlike other halwas is very crunchy and crisp. It is just the technique in which you prepare it. So here you go….

PS: Serves 1 who just loves sweets or 2 if you like sweets


1/2 cup – Sooji

1/4 cup – Fridge cold Milk

1/3 cup – Sugar

1 tbsp.  – Ghee

1/2tbsp – Flaked Almonds


In a kadhai roast sooji along with ghee. keep stirring as the sooji shouldn’t burn. When the sooji turns light gold in colour add the sugar and keep stirring. The sugar starts melting and starts coating the grains of sooji. It will start caramelizing and the whole mixture will start turning gold. At this time take the kadhai near the sink and pour the cold milk into it. It will start splattering and crackling. Do not worry!! The mixture will turn hard. Give it a second and mix it so that you combine the whole mixture with the milk. Put it back on the flame for a second and then serve immediately by garnishing it with flaked almonds.

photo 4 


5 thoughts on “NANiji waala Halwa

  1. Hi Madhuri, i tried this halwa and it turned out yummy, though it was a bit too crunchy as i think i overcooked it!! Will definitely make again :)

    1. Hey shwetha, thank you for getting back :) happy that you liked it. The reason why it would have got crunchy is may be because of less milk. In such case add a dash of milk more and mix it well before serving. Hope this tip works :)

  2. I stumbled upon ur blog n this recipe today morning and tried it .. Shud say it was simple and turned out yum.. Hats off to your naniji.. I used raisins in lieu of nuts.. Yummy..

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