What better to make than Avial for Onam. Avial is a curry that is a speciality of Kerala. This is a mixed vegetable coconut based curry and tempered with coconut oil. A very healthy and equally tasty curry.  This curry is best served with Kerala Paratha that has been roasted with coconut oil. Ingredients 1/4 … More AVIal

PAV Bhaji

Pav Bhaji,  is one of the most famous street foods of India, specially Mumbai. The spicy tangy bhaji, with a huge dollop of butter on top, enjoyed by dipping the bread into it, is the quintessential Mumbai street food. Some say it is one of the over hyped food, but for me it is one … More PAV Bhaji

SUGo Di Pomodoro Fresco – Tomato Pasta Sauce – Marinara Sauce

    I love this basic, slow cooked tomato sauce with my pasta. A simple yet so flavourful. Sometimes the simple ones taste the best. I feel LESS guilty eating this than having Béchamel Sauce. I have had this a lot of times but one of the best ones that i had was in a Trattoria in … More SUGo Di Pomodoro Fresco – Tomato Pasta Sauce – Marinara Sauce

HONey Semifreddo

Honey Semifreddo is mildly sweet, velvety, smooth semi set ice-cream.  Semifreddo is a semi frozen italian dessert which tastes like an ice cream but is much lighter. As it is half frozen Semifreddo is more velvety even right after you take it out of the freezer. Semifreddo is usually made without a ice cream maker. But … More HONey Semifreddo